Home Evaluation

 In order to set up and run the systems, service contracts and regular maintenance required in homes as complex and sophisticated as yours, we must first examine and learn the structure in detail. All of this information is collected and catalogued in a database. This data base becomes the basis of all the services we provide and allows us to give you a uniquely custom and personalized service.

Establish a Maintenance Program

Once the evaluation is completed we will then prepare a list of required maintenance based on the house review along with any specific requests from you. Based on this list we then secure multiple contracts from our recommended contractors, your recommendations or both. We review all contracts for scope and accuracy thereby aligning all (Apples to Apples) and present to you in simplified spread sheet for your evaluation and decision.

 Once decisions have been reached we will secure all the appropriate licenses and insurances certificates (made out to you the home owner), execute contracts as agent, schedule and supervise all work to assure all due care and consideration is exercised while in your home.

Bill Payment

UBS will handle paying the bills. We establish a client checking account. You place money into the account either monthly or quarterly to cover all expenses related to the house. UBS pays the bills and provides you with a monthly statement and a projection of expense requirements for the next month. At the end of each year we provide a statement showing all the costs associated with running the property.  

Seasonal Set Up and Break Down

Your home will be formatted from winter to summer season and back again in the fall. This will include all systems that are required as determined by original evaluation.  In addition all outdoor furniture, awning covers, seasonal lighting and audio equipment will be catalogued and mapped out for both summer deployment or retrieval in the winter, furniture and art work covered and protected, storm windows deployed and screens stored. A seasonal change over schedule will be designed to match your home and your wishes.

All seasonal contracts will be either set up or deactivated. All annual contracts will be reviewed for comprehensiveness and accuracy and compared to prior year. Written explanations for cost or scope changes will be secured from sub-contractors. Alternate proposals will be secured if prior service was not deemed adequate or cost increases are not acceptable.


Labor Source

UBS will coordinate with your trusted service contractors, our recommended subcontractors or your in-house staff. If, however, you have a need for non-specific labor, UBS has a partner company in The Bryce Group. The Bryce Group acts as a subcontractor to provide the non-specific labor required to keep your home running smoothly.

Emergency Preparedness

In our initial evaluation, UBS will assess your current level of emergency preparedness. Generator power distribution, Emergency pump availability, storm shutter organization and ease of deployment, ice buildup and snow removal, water detection systems smoke and fire detection systems, and possible improvements to all.  We can provide the staff required to secure the house before the storm, assess during the storm, evaluate any damage and coordinate repair after the storm

Non Occupancy Inspections and Protection

If your Hamptons property is not your only home we will be there to watch it while you are away.  As part of your contract we will perform regular weekly and documented inspections. We visit the home two times a week. We are there to detect and rectify any problems before they can become larger ones.

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Managed Services


* Actual lists will evolve out of initial house evaluation and your specific requests. We offer this as a starting point and an example of some of the services we provide.

  • HVAC Maintenance Contracts           

  • Fuel Delivery  

  • Landscape Maintenance and Service

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Lawn Irrigation maintenance contracts

  • Garbage pick up

  • Alarm system contract

  • Pool Maintenance and service Contracts

  •  Tennis Court Set Up

  • Phone System Set up

  • AV Systems

  • Alarm System/Personalization and set up

  • Gate Set Up/Personalization

  • Appliance Warranty Registration

  • Pest / Insect Control (If required)

  • Window Cleaning

  • Outdoor Furniture Deployment

  • Outdoor Equipment / Awning protection